Lawn Seed - multi variety

This mix has sun loving grass (Bluegrass) wear and heat tolerant grass (ryegrass) and shade tolerant grass (fescue).  Most people have a variable lawn that has sunny, shady, and high traffic areas.  By applying a mix, you allow a natural selection process to occur that ensures the best grass for that area is what takes hold rather than applying one type of seed and having weak patches in your lawn.  When applying grass seed make sure the seed comes into direct contact with the soil.  Rake the ground, apply the seed, and then pack the seed into the soil.  You don’t have to water, but if you do you must continue until the grass is hardy enough to take care of itself.  No matter how much you water, grass really only grows well when it is receiving natural rain so aim to grow new lawn during the spring or early fall when rains are more frequent.